Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Under the Human Condition -- Genesis 3:91-5, 20

Under the Word
Video Devotion
Genesis 3:91-5, 20
(running time 8:54)

This latest episode of UNDER THE WORD, a weekly video devotion based upon the Lectionary. This week's installment comes from Genesis 3:9-15, 20. In this devotion we are reminded how Advent is a renewal of the Christ's first coming and an anticipation of his second. We are also reminded how Advent occurs within the heart of the human condition. That is, while there is much good in the world, not the least of which is the very life we have which is the greatest gift of all, there is still the reality of a deep and brutal loss. Today's Scriptures acknowledge this truth, but offer the hope of faith as well.