Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heart Openness To The Presence of GOD's Spirit -- taking action in a fallen world

Cultivating a heart-openness to the presence of the ever-present Spirit of GOD might seem an easy task, but it is not. 

Time and again I am wooed by the Spirit to draw closer to the fire found in the Almighty. Yet more often than not I resist this pull, knowing that proximity to GOD means a different choice and a different practiced lifestyle.

Now, it would be important at this point to note that I am not here referring to some sort of cultural taboo taught by a middle class morality -- "We don't smoke and we don't chew and we don't go with girls who do." 

This is decidedly not what I have in mind.

Instead, I am thinking of the great world challenges that I face as part of the global community, much of it environmental (go here and here, for example), which I easily overlook because I take a view of the world that I am powerless to help.

Am I powerless? Not really. I can act. I can pray, and I can put feet to my prayers. I can give a damn. I can do something!

Think for a moment of the current acute and devastating famine in the Horn of Africa. What can I do? I can pray that the fall rains come. I can give for famine relief.

Is this enough? Of course not. But, believe me, if it comes down to all or nothing, then it will be nothing. I must choose to live beyone the all or nothing. I must choose to daily, even moment by moment, respond to the promptings of GOD's Spirit.  Then, and only then, can I in some sense call myself a follower of the Christ.