Monday, August 8, 2011

Bourbon Street, Remix

Treme Band, N.O. Sachmo Festival, 2011

Vacation is over. We spent the final two days of it tramping about New Orleans. We enjoyed a wonderful experience, immersing ourselves in a world unlike our own. Not many places offer such eateries, such spontaneity in street musicians and such wonderful music. (if you ever go there be sure to visit Sung Harbor) To be sure, these things can be found elsewhere, but not in such quantity and not with such exuberance.
As part of our adventure we walked Bourbon Street. I had been there before, pre-Katrina, and there was a difference. Before, there seemed to be a energetic naughtiness to the scene -- all the barker "come-on's" and the painted ladies in various stages of undress. This time, there was a washed-away feeling, a sad futility to it all. I saw several young women in club doorways with weary looking smiles. It reminded me of the text, "the way of the transgressor is hard." I know it certainly has been for me.