Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pastoring the Human Condition, part 5

a continuing series

In less than two hours from now I will stand before the people; I will stand behind the altar. After having offered the word through the preaching moment, I will break the bread and offer the LORD's table to his gathered community who meets in this place.

To preside in worship seems a sacred trust given to me, but stepping behind the altar I know I am not worthy. I know I am not clean. 

What then is my excuse? 

If someone were to ask me, what gives you the right to stand before the people 

[these are GOD's people after all]

and preach and then break the bread and offer the cup, I have only one response. 

I am not smarter; I am not more controlled by the sway of the Spirit. I am not even the one with the most Christian longevity. 

My only excuse is that I have been called to do this. I have a story, and in my story there is this literal moment of calling from the Almighty that I cannot seem to shake.