Friday, June 17, 2011

Memo To Self: How To Preach A Funeral Homily

  1. This entire process of the funeral is not about you. If it leans that way you dishonor the deceased and you abuse their loved ones.
  2. No one will remember a word you say, you are creating an atmosphere of hope not a class on theology.
  3. Speak with authority (this doesn't mean turn up the volume). This means even as you read the obituary, do so with a surety and assurance. No one will believe what you say, especially at this most venerable time, if you don't.
  4. Find one text, make sure it speaks to the family and friends about hope, park there.
  5. Unless you were childhood friends with the deceased, encourage family or friends to do the eulogy -- you stick to the scriptures.
  6. Keep it very brief. Speak no more that fifteen minutes.