Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Challenge To Our View Of GOD, part 2

(for part 1 go here)

So, as it turns out, we do not have GOD as full-figured and thought-through as we once thought. Which if our puny minds could arrive at the circumference of the Almighty, what would that say about GOD?

In part one I concluded with three premise statements: 

  1. Our View of GOD is culturally given and culturally driven
  2. Our View of GOD is theologically frozen and theologically limited
  3. Our View of GOD is linguistically shaped and linguistically inadequate
The basic ideas behind these statements are:
  1. today's theology proper is much more complicated and challenging than we can imagine
  2. and the GOD behind our theology is mystery
It cannot be otherwise.

Picking up on the idea of mystery, I would offer the thought that this primarily plays itself out in our attempts at theodicy -- the tears around the coffin of a six-year old will test your view of GOD, believe me -- and mystery is especially present at the moment of impact before the altar, facing the bread and the cup, or the before the baptismal pool when the initiate comes out of the water.