Sunday, February 6, 2011

Touched By Lightening: A Student Recalls A Teacher's Gifts

Interesting article from a student about his teacher.

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We only change the world one person at a time. This, for those of us who have
stumbled into the maw of war and seen the worst of human barbarity, is sobering
and humbling. Cities, in modern industrial warfare, can vanish, leaving in the
ruins the small heartaches and struggles of human existence, the megawatts of
energy parents put into children, the unseen and intimate love that couples
poured into each other, the kindness of neighbors, the stilled beating of
thousands of human hearts. And in such destruction love looks as if it is no
match for the deadly indifference of nature and cruelty of humankind. To be
compassionate, to be gentle, to lead the moral life, seems, perhaps, absurd and

And yet, having watched some of the worst human carnage unleashed over the
past two decades around the globe, I can tell you there is in love more power
than we suspect. It rises above the death instinct; if not always to defeat it,
then to affirm life. In moments of death love sends out shock waves that ripple
through apartment blocks and down city streets. I saw this after a shell fell
in Sarajevo. The explosion left the maimed and dismembered in pools of blood
and entrails on the cobblestone streets. Amid the horror parents, couples,
friends sought each other frantically, throwing out concentric circles of love
that defied death even after it had done its worst.