Monday, August 2, 2010

GOD Is There

 Somehow we (the western church) must unearth the long, lost view of God from underneath the crust of modernism, and rediscover the God who is beyond the God of the Gaps. Somehow we must posit a God -- in our own thinking -- that is worthy of worship and taken seriously again. God is present, but how are we to know and experience God in a present-ness?

What I think I know:
  1. God is there. [this is the primary statement, and it is one of faith]
  2. God is mystery. [language, even biblical language is metaphor and cannot fully contain God]
  3. God cannot be known or experienced unless God takes the initiative. [revelation]
  4. God is known in the judeo-christian experience, but is primarily revealed in Jesus. [this is why I call myself a Christian]
  5. God is personal, but is not personality. [God is not a person like we are]
  6. God is everywhere, but God is not everything. ["in Him we live and move and have our being]
  7. God somehow speaks to us in and through our thoughts and impressions. [NOTE: This, of course is fraught with danger and traps, see: Genesis 22] 
  8. God's relationship with the world is open and fluid. [God is monstrously creative, taking our very real decisions, which matter and have consequences, and using them to accomplish the divine will for the world]

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