Thursday, July 29, 2010

Table Fellowship, pt. 5

We made the point in this series that Christianity was born @ a table, and that as a table fellowship, Christianity feasts upon the table of the Eucharist and the table of holy scripture.

But there is more.

Back in the day we evangelical protestants were taught the idea that truth resided only in propositional expressions directly from the bible (Dave Tomlinson), but today post-evangelicals have discovered that truth comes to us through scripture yes, but also through the entire canon of Christian expression -- e.g. the creeds, the traditions.

But there is still more.

Truth also comes through hearing your story and telling my story, saying, "this is what happened to me." This means that I am confronted with the experiential moment of the one facing me as she relates her moment (s) with the God who is there. And, it is all these stories that comprise our story, the community's story, which is part of the expression of truth -- the kerygma -- about the God who is personal but who is not personality. It is in these stories -- our story -- that we feast on the reality of the ever-present God.
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