Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Table Fellowship, pt. 4

When we think of Christianity as being born @ a Table, then we automatically think of the liturgical meal where we feed on the presence of the living Christ -- the LORD'S supper, communion. The idea here is the sacramental communion of the community, where the outward sign (the bread and the cup) signifies the inward reality of grace shared. However, as I have been arguing in this series there is more to the table idea than the LORD'S table.

 I have tried to say that even as the community assembles it does so around the presence of the living Christ who is there and who is not silent. It is there that the forever-family feasts, rests and prepares for mission-journey.

One additional place where the table is evident then, is the moment when the community feasts on the living word of God. The reading (and preaching) of the holy scriptures allows a sacramental moment for the family; it allows the assembly to feast on God's presence in a new way for we find in God's word the living reality of the living God.

How? How is God's presence found in the black words on white paper? God chose to initiate the scriptures, his reality carrying along the original authors, and God has also chosen to inhabit the sounding of those pages, bringing the community to life and to breath with the reading of those ancient words.

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