Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good News

How we deal with success may say more about us than how we deal with failure and loss, but it is failure and loss that seem so often to be our companion, failure and loss is the human condition.

What makes the Gospel such good news, then, is the fact that the Gospel begins with reality -- our cognitive homelessness (Peter Berger) and our failure to live by the intentions of the God who is there, and who is personal, but who is not personality. In the Gospel we are presented with a new working premise for life. Or, said differently, what Jesus offers us, supremely, is a new life and a new way to live, even in the face of continuing loss and failure. Or, said still another way, within the proclamation of the Gospel are the seeds of happiness. Happiness not as pleasure realized, but happiness as cognitive fulfillment, fulfillment by finding our place in the universe. This is the power of the Gospel -- to know we still belong even though we have lost and failed.