Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Contemplative Heart

Several days ago I listened to a lecture by Fr. Thomas Dubay on Contemplative Prayer. His thoughts are worth passing on to those struggling for this kind of prayer practice:

  1. To love God is the heart of Contemplation
  2. You must have a desire for God
  3. You do not get to God through technique
  4. Living the Gospel generously is the key to prayer
  5. Select a solitude (a quiet place)
  6. Select a suitable position
  7. Select a reading (to set the atmosphere)
  8. Quiet yourself (Psalm 37)
  9. Offer God your loving attention by abiding in this look toward Him
  10. If God is not present -- if you are unaware of God's presence -- ponder your reading again
  11. Remember: God takes the lead in prayer