Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Prayer for Daily Pastoral Renewal

Most of us pastor-types can quickly get worn down by the grinding wheel of life-events. Besides the meetings and the messages, there's the meetings and the times of counsel, the meetings and the ministries, and of course there are all those meetings. Around our place we've decided to jettison meetings wherever possible, seeking to add sanity to the church experience rather than the insanity of the rat-race. Of course, there are a few hero-pastors who are especially gifted, who can easily withstand the daily grind, but for most of us by evening prayer we are pretty well running on empty.

This means daily renewal for the pastor is not optional; it is mandatory. Of course, by far the most important source of daily renewal is our ongoing and vital life of prayer. Without prayer this work simply cannot be done. In fact, apart from prayer we are mere employees (hirelings) and not pastors.

To that end I found a prayer of encouragement I would like to share. This prayer can be found on Gregory Norbet's CD, Morning & Evening Prayer. (go here):


Mend my heart, O God, from the wounds of many yesterdays

Heal my body so that I might serve you in grace and holiness

Lift up my soul where I have been worn down from discouragement & anxiety

Give me hope to make a fresh beginning today

Fill me with a greater awareness of your presence so that I may stand and walk with a little more confidence, courage, love and serenity

Help me to be a person of compassion and understanding so that something of my life may soothe the wounds of those whose paths I cross today

I thank you, God, for this day, in which to know you through your love incarnate, Jesus Christ.