Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worms in the Heart

Of late I have been grappling with God’s providence and the worms that evil and meanness leave in the heart. First, God does not do or cause evil. (I say this as a belief statement -- one that cannot be proven) This makes me not a Calvinist, so called, but surely there must be a Calvinists out there who does not believe God is the cause of all actions. But, perhaps not. Second, God is at work in his world -- it it his world after all -- even when I cannot see that work. Third, God can take my decisions -- whether they be good or evil -- and create out of them the future that he desires. Chance meetings are not so chancy when the Almighty gets done with them. Decisions I make out of self-interest (are their any other kind?) are somehow the materials God uses to paint his masterpiece in the life of another. Finally, when someone attempts to harm another, adding suffering on top of suffering, God can take the hammer and chisel to the blisters and scabs and create something new -- like Joseph feeding a family from the life once betrayed by his brothers.

But, does God always bring good out of evil? Perhaps, but good we are unable to see up front because we do not have the ability. Perhaps this kind of good comes out in the ooze of life but we need special equipment to see it.

I’m praying today for a young man who has been in a wheelchair most of his life. He’s had a rough couple of weeks. Where is the good here, God? But the Almighty comes back with a silence marked by sadness -- he is suffering with this young man, and a silence that it is marked by patience -- he is ministering even though I cannot see it, and in a way that will be closeted until the kingdom comes. So be it...