Monday, March 16, 2009

Take Our Moments and Our Days

I have recently discovered a new prayer book and I would like to recommend it to you. I have done this before (go here and here), having used the Liturgy of the Hours, the Common Book of Prayer, and Work of God with some regularity, but I am now using the anabaptist prayer book, Take Our Moments and Our Days. The layout is similar to the others just mentioned, but its flavor is somewhat more natural to me.

Some might ask why a prayer book? A prayer book offers the discipline of a daily "rule," (go here) or a daily structure to and for prayer. The ongoing routine allows one to create an inner drive toward prayer and an awareness of the sacred nature of the day, and the repeated practice allows one to easily find that daily, well-cut track toward the Holy. Likewise, using a prayer book such as the one here described, offers the one disciplined by it an opportunity to be touched by scriptures and shaped by them. This process is called lectio divina, or a sacred reading of the TEXT.

I began using this form of prayer after reading (and using) Robert Webber's book, The Prymer: The Prayer Book of the Medieval Era Adapted for Contemporary Use. Webber's adaptation deeply touched my prayer life, and the subsequent reading of other books, sought out as a result of this initial exposure to ancient prayer practices, changed my ministry.