Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lent As Sacred Time

thinking about lent and the christian calendar i remember hearing os guinness talk about jean-francois millet's famous painting, the angelus. he made the point that the painting shows sacred time breaking into secular time. notice how the peasants pause from their normal routine when the church bells call them to prayer. in contrast, he notes how today, secular time breaks into sacred time when watches and phones ring or vibrate, reminding the congregation that 12 noon on sunday has been reached and it's time for the service to end.

dear LORD:
help me to allow sacred time to be the rhythm of my life. allow me to recognize each moment as sacred and as a gift. may i see that true spirituality includes all of life, not just some sunday morning activity. and may is see the beauty of your presence in the mundane, in the simple and in the usual routine. amen.