Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year do-over

new year remains my favorite holiday. the day contains symbolic food (for our family it was always corned beef and cabbage), worship at the shrine of college football, and the distinct feeling that i get to start all over. in fact, the opportunity to celebrate a day dedicated to do-overs offers a hope that the other holidays neglect.

of course, one cannot completely start again. if i could really do things over i would not eat my way to diabetes or a heart-attack. having said that, there is something cheerful about turning the page and starting a new calendar that presents us with a clearing of the head and heart.

taking the thought in an even deeper direction, i would say that new year may be the most spiritual of holidays (with the exception of mothers day & father's day) because the new year reminds us that it is the God who is there who gifts us with new beginnings and second chances. it is the God who is there whose grace opens to us new life and a new way to live, and no matter how badly we make a mess of it, he stands by us in love.