Friday, January 2, 2009

new year do-over, part 2

i want to continue with my thoughts on how the God who is there allows us to begin again.

as i re-read yesterday's post i was reminded that some are so wounded, so broken by life-events, that starting again may be a goal too far, and that they may only be able to just go on. that is, they are so wounded that putting one foot in front of the other constitutes true victory.

back in the day, when i directed an inner-city ministry, one time we would see this guy clean and sober, and the next day we would be fishing him out of the gutter. our goal was to treat each encounter like it was the first time we had met. that is, we could not allow our own expectations and life-experiences to dictate to him how he should be. we also had to remind ourselves that the God who is there loved the guy in the gutter just as much as he loved us. to remember this, all we needed to do was to remind ourselves of our own selfishness. evidence for that was always abundant...