Saturday, January 3, 2009

experiencing God

often, i find myself in the chair of the christian skeptic. i have faith of a kind, but for some reason it does not allow me to believe there's an angel in every room or a demon behind every bush. i suppose i have been too deeply grounded in the school of the rational.

having said that, i would confess that my point of view could be wrong. it's happened many times before. so, when someone tells me, "the LORD said this-and-such to me," i try to be open minded. i mean, who am i to deny someone else's reality? but when they say, "the LORD told me to tell you to do thus-and-so (like send money), then they bury the peg on my skeptic meter.

so, how do you know when it is the LORD speaking or when it's a different voice. i used to be much more sure of this than i am now, but in the next few posts i'll give it a shot.

i do believe that the LORD still speaks to us today, but not as often or as clearly as say when moses was around. the burning bush experience, for example, was what walter brueggemann calls an "unmediated experience." that is, moses experienced the divine directly, while most of us experience the reality of the LORD through mediators such as the church, the bible and the experience of worship. another way to say this is to say that our experience of the Divine is real but filtered.