Sunday, January 18, 2009


this sunday next our discipleship community will again partake of the LORD'S table. for us, the elements of the meal, the bread and the cup, are not the body or the blood, nor do they contain the presence of the Christ. still, the living and resurrected Christ will inhabit the ritual and the movement with us. as our deacons share the bread and the cup, the faithful will bow and remember. they will again chew, dissolve and swallow the gospel. they will open their mouths to the symbols and their memories to that moment in time when Jesus of nazareth became for them the savior & the Christ. in that meal we will once again identify with God's mission, we will once again reinterpret our own history to that which was before Christ and after, and we will once again offer the God-who-is-there our lives and loyalty, if even for just the moment.