Tuesday, October 7, 2008

more on bill maher's new film, religulios

continuing our conversation about the bill maher's new film, religulios (which rhymes with ridiculous), i thought i would offer links that review the film. i have decided to wait to view it until i can get it on netflix.

but, before you read the links, i think it is important to remember that, while maher asks tough questions from a decidedly atheististic point of view, that doesn't mean we should dismiss the questions. as i tried to say here and here, to criticize maher alone is to miss the point. we must respond to our (those of faith) deepening plausibility crisis with the death of christendom.

anyway, here are the links:

the first comes from ethics.com:
HBO's Maher Attacks Mostly Christianity in Docu-Rant

and the second comes from dan kimball's vintage faith:
Religulous: Lee Strobel, John Walter and Compassion International needed