Monday, September 8, 2008

missional cost

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in today's rapid and radical movement of culture away from all things institutional, which includes christendom as it is expressed in the institutional church, the call is clear for us to find a new missional movement within the community of the faithful -- a new way to follow the christ. (and by "us" i mean those not on the cutting edge, but rather those locked in the remnants of christendom, sometimes called the marginalized)

the rub here is that we are either paralyzed with fear because christendom was our plausibility structure and now we are left adrift cognitively (and sociologically), or we understand the it's a new day but we grieve so deeply for christendom (read nostalgia) that we are paralyzed by confusion over the next step.

there are no easy answers here, believe me. perhaps the best we can do is to move beyond fear toward some sort of faith. (da? ya think?)

now what would this faith look like?

  • it would look beyond the past
  • it would be willing to put everything on the table, including both doctrine & practice
  • it would be willing to act courageously, even at the risk of going out of business (this is happening anyway, so what is there to loose?)
  • it would mean we would have to become part of the community that we desire to reach and not a shrinking island of benign neglect