Friday, September 19, 2008

friday's gift

today i want to share the jazz/big band playing of bernard “bunny” berigan. he was born in the midwest in 1908 and died at the age of thirty-three from complications of alcoholism. he worked as a trumpeter for several of the big bands of his era, and later he started his own band, but it met with little success. today i am featuring his theme song, "i can't get started." he sings on this one too, and it is quite a treat. i've included the personnel as well as the lyric below.

i was introduced to berigan, and “i can’t get started,” through the jack lemmon film, save the tiger (here). this certainly was lemmon’s best performance, for which he won an academy award, but it also may be one of the best performances by a man in any role. highly recommended.

(Duke / Gershwin)
Bunny Berigan

I've flown around the world in a plane
I've settled revolutions in Spain
And the North Pole I have charted
Still I can't get started with you

On the golf course, I'm under par
Metro Goldwyn have asked me to star
I've got a house, a showplace
Still I can't get no place with you

'Cause you're so supreme
Lyrics I write of you, I dream
Dream day and night of you
And I scheme just for the sight of you
Baby, what good does it do?

I've been consulted by Franklin D
Greta Garbo has had me to tea
Still I'm broken-hearted

'Cause I can't get started with you

Musicians: Bunny Berigan (trumpet, vocals), George Wettling (drums), Georgie Auld (tenor sax), Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (trumpets), Al George, Sonny Lee (trombone); Mike Doty, Joe Dixon (clarinet, alto sax); Clyde Rounds, (tenor sax), Joe Lippman (piano), Tom Morgan (guitar), Hank Wayland (bass). Composed by Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin.
Recorded: New York, August 7, 1937