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Denominational Un-Fundamentalist Activities Committee

Denominational Un-Fundamentalist Activities Committee

August 18,

Pete Seeker, Defendant

A Subcommittee of the Committee on Un-Fundamentalist Activities met at 10 a.m., in room 1703 of the Joseph McCarthy Denominational Building, Pre-Tribulation Square, Atlanta Georgia, the Honorable O’Chuck O’Sullivan (Chairman) presiding.

Committee members present: Representatives O’Sullivan, Marrick Deadletter, and Michael Coopenjoke .

Staff members present: W. Wellcris, Jr., Counsel; Gerald Wellfall and Darby Scholfield, Investigators; and James King, Sr., Chief Clerk.


MR. WELCRIS: When and where were you born, Mr. Seeker?

MR. SEEKER: I was born in New York in 1954.

MR.WELLCRIS: What is your profession or occupation?

MR. SEEKER: Well, I have worked at many things, and my main profession is a pastor of a small Baptist church in the heartland. It’s the First Baptist Church of Walden Pond

MR. WELLCRIS: Has Walden Pond been your headquarters for a considerable period of time?

MR. SEEGER: Well, I live there.

MR. WELLCRIS: The Committee has information obtained in part from the Baptist Free Thought Journal (BFTJ) indicating that, over a period of time, especially since December, you took part in a number of their anti-fundamentalist meetings. I have before me a copy of the June 20, issue of the BFTJ. In a column entitled "What's Happening," there appears this advertisement: "Tonight, hear Peter Seeker, at the Golden Harp Baptist Church housewarming." May I ask you whether or not the Golden Harp Baptist Church was a member of the Anti-Fundamentalist Party?

MR. SEEKER: Sir, I refuse to answer that question whether it was a quote from the Picayune Times or the Ladies Home Journal.

MR. WELLCRIS: I don't believe there is any more authoritative document in regard to the Anti-Fundamentalist Party than its official organ, the BFTJ.

MR. DEADLETTER: He hasn't answered the question, and he merely said he wouldn't answer whether the article appeared in the Picayune Times or some other magazine. I ask you to direct the witness to answer the question.

CHAIRMAN O’SULLIVAN: I direct you to answer the question.

MR. SEEKER: Sir, the whole line of questioning…

CHAIRMAN O’SULLIVAN: You have only been asked one question, so far.

MR. SEEKER: I will agree to answer questions about myself, but not about anyone else or any organizations. I think questions such as these are very improper questions for any Baptist to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this denominational tribunal. I would be very glad to tell you about my life if you want to hear of it.

MR. WELLCRIS: Has the witness declined to answer this specific question?

CHAIRMAN O’SULLIVAN: He said that he is not going to answer any questions about any names or things.

MR. DEADLETTER: He was directed to answer the question.

MR. WELLCRIS: OK. I’ll move on. Mr. Seeker, are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Anti-fundamentalist Party?


MR. WELLCRIS: Yes, what, sir?

MR. SEEKER: Yes, I am and have been.

MR. WELLCRIS: And you believe this to be an acceptable thought form and lifestyle for a Christian?

MR. SEEKER: What do mean acceptable?

MR. WELLCRIS: It is perfectly evident what I mean. Do you think, do you believe that Jesus would want you to live and anti-fundamentalist lifestyle. A liberal life. A life that condones free-thought, communists and homosexuals and pedophiles. That’s what I mean.

MR. SEEKER: Because I am an anti-fundamentalist doesn’t mean any of those things, and I seriously resent your innuendo…

MR. WELLCRIS: Would you please answer the question?

MR. SEEKER: What is the question?

MR. WELLCRIS: Is this an acceptable lifestyle for a Christian?

MR. SEEKER: I refuse to answer this kind of question.

MR. O’SULLIVAN: What did the witness say?

MR. WELLCRIS: He refuses to answer…

MR. SEEKER: I said I refuse to be slandered.

MR. O’SULLIVAN: The witness will answer.

MR. SEEKER: No sir, I will not.

MR. COOPENJOKE: Let the record show the witness is uncooperative.

MR. O’SULLIVAN: Mr. Seeker, is it your intention to cooperate with this committee or not?

MR. SEEKER: When I can, of course, but I will not put my name to the committees’ characterization of anti-fundamentalism. I am not a pedophile. I do not believe that pedophilia is an acceptable lifestyle. Neither do I…

MR. O’SULLIVAN: Move on Mr. Wellcris. Let the record show that the witness is being unresponsive.

MR. WELLCRIS: Alright, Mr Chairman. Mr. Seeker, On August 15, did you attend a secret meeting of the anti-fundamentalist party in the home of the editor of the BFTJ?

MR. SEEKER: It was not a clandestine meeting. It was merely a dinner party.

MR. WELLCRIS: And who else attended at this secret meeting?

MR. SEEKER: I was at a dinner party on August 15, yes, but who else was there is irrelevant. As I answered earlier, I will respond for my own actions, and my actions only. But I will not talk about other people.

MR. WELLCRIS: You say it wasn’t a secret meeting, but isn’t it a fact that you discussed in a secret way how you might overthrow the current leadership of the denomination? Wasn’t that the topic of discussion, sir? And wasn’t that when you boldly and seditiously explained how, to quote you, “how to stick it to the fundamentalists?”

MR. SEEKER: Mr Wellcris, it is not exactly a secret my feelings about the current denominational leadership.

MR. WELLCRIS: Then you admit your desire to overthrow the current leadership, and to secretly meeting with a group of conspirators to do so?

MR. SEEKER: As I said, my views concerning the current leadership are a matter of public record.

MR. WELLCRIS: Then I ask you again, who else took part in this assembly of rebellion?

MR. SEEKER: What rebellion?

MR. WELLCRIS: The rebellion of you who would trash our way of life. You who would toss out the inerrant Bible, and the women who would graciously submit to us, and the interpretation of the holy, King James Bible by trained, and elite and godly seminarians, and the lifestyle of abstinence. That rebellion, Mr. Seeker!

MR. SEEKER: I’ve answered that question already.

MR. WELLCRIS: Mr. Chairman, will you direct the witness to answer the question?

MR. O’SULLIVAN: Mr. Seeker, you will answer the question.

MR. COOPENLIAR: Move on Mr. Wellcris to the other material.

MR. WELLCRIS: Is it true that your daughter, while in college, one time attended a Unitarian church?

MR. SEEKER: Enough! How dare you bring my daughter into the charade…


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