Thursday, August 14, 2008


i was first introduced to the idea of the church scattered and the church gathered in a little book called Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness. it soon became part of my own personal teaching and lore. it was written by a guy named Jerry Cook with the help of Stanley Baldwin.

in this work, first published in 1979, Cook and Baldwin open to us the idea of the church as a force vs. the idea of the church as a field. the church as a field means the church building is the place where ministry occurs, whereas in the church as a force the church, as the kingdom movement, is a force in the community, an incarnational power.

thus, when the church gathers, it does so to remember, to testify to God and to each other about what the LORD has done in the Christ-event. after which, the church scatters into the community as the continuing incarnational presence of the living, risen Jesus...