Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the great evangelical crack-up

i read an interesting post in tallskinnywiki yesterday. he quoted a newspaper article entitled,

Religion: American Evangelicals, once considered monolithic, are fragmenting

This read reminded me of what i have said here a # of times:
  1. we are experiencing the death of christendom
  2. evangelicalism is cracking apart before our eyes
  3. young evangelicals do not believe like their parents on issues like race, and poverty, and abortion, and climate change, and homosexuality...
the article sites the pew forum's study on the religious landscape (i've posted on this before when i was blogging at vox). this massive study shows, among other things, that nearly 1/2 of all evangelicals believe that people of other religions go to heaven.

probably even more troubling to evangelicals, is when the article raises the fact that they:

"almost never convert a native-born American who wasn't raised in a church. That most evangelical growth comes from stealing sheep from other denominations. And they've stolen about all they can.."

the author, Christine Wicker (who wrote a book on the subject) goes on to write what may be the most poignant and powerful words in the article:

"Conversion tactics also focus on telling people the Good News as though no one else knows it. But most everyone has heard it. Again and again. The trouble is that they aren't convinced. They aren't scared of hell. They aren't hoping for heaven. And Christians haven't been good at giving anyone better reasons than that for following Jesus."

more to come...