Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ancient prayer

the call to an ancient pattern prayer will continue to pull the receding and marginalized church toward a path of healing and wholeness. it will be only through the practice of monastic & contemplative prayer that the church in the west will regain her footing, her message and her voice. 

if we are more like the 1st century that any other generation of church, then our fat and lazy spirituality must take on a new vigor of purpose, and a circumference that takes in all of life (not just sunday mornings). 

nothing will return this vigor and circumference as will the ongoing practice of ancient prayer rhythms. this can be done in a corporate sense with some form of taize, and it can be done individually with a spiritual formation that has ancient prayer as it root.

this, of course, is not a gimmick or a program. we're too far gone for a salve to be applied to the skin. no, we must undergo the surgeon's knife.