Sunday, July 20, 2008

ancient prayer revisited, part 4

in part 2 we defined prayer as anything we do to clear space in our lives so we can focus on the lord. 

of late, (for the past 5 years, or so) my rule (see post 3 in this series) or my practice, has been to pray what is called the daily office

this is done by using a prayer book. a prayer book compiles mostly scriptures and ancient prayer forms in an ordered way, a form that usually includes opening prayers to help one pray, antiphons, and an invitatory psalm, as well as intercessions and the lord's prayer.

to pray the daily office there is a 4 volume version actually called the liturgy of the hours, and there is a 1 volume version called, christian prayer.  i've used both, but i began with a small prayer book called, work of God: benedictine prayer

i recommend this book as a way to begin the discipline of a prayer rule. it offers a twice daily prayer pattern -- morning and evening -- as well as opportunities for contemplative prayer.

more next time